Adding your dreams is a very simple process. Simply enter your dream in the input box on the homepage and hit “Add Dream.” If you want to share this dream with other dreamers in the community, mark the check box that says “Share this dream with the community.” If you don’t check this, your dream will be kept privately and no one else will ever see it. Each dream will have a status below it showing you whether or not it is public or private.

After entering your first dream, you can either enter another dream immediately (recommended), or you can start adding tasks to each dream.

At first, we recommend that you try and enter as many dreams as you can! Are you able to create 100 dreams for yourself? We hope you do. Try creating dreams in the following categories: Personal, Professional, Financial, Material, Travel and Adventure.

After creating your dreams, we encourage you start adding tasks to help you create tangible benchmarks towards accomplishing your dreams. Every dream doesn’t need to have a task, but they are there for you to use. Adding tasks is a simple way for you to record and manage the progress for achieving your dreams. Check them off as you reach them.

If you have any ideas or feedback for us, we would love to hear it. Send us a line at